Friday, April 11, 2003

A funny article sent to me by my brother. This would never happen in the US. At least, I don't think so.
Here's a good one courtesy of The Village Voice:

Have you heard the one about Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Chairman Yasir Arafat finally sitting down to negotiate? Sharon opened with a "biblical" tale.

"Before the Israelites came to the Promised Land and settled here, Moses led them for 40 years through the desert. One day, miraculously, a stream appeared. They drank and then decided to bathe. When Moses came out of the water, he found all his clothes missing.

" 'Who took my clothes?' Moses asked. 'It was the Palestinians,' replied the Israelites."

"Wait a minute," interrupted Arafat. "There were no Palestinians during the time of Moses!"

"All right," smirked Sharon, "now that we've got that settled, let's start talking."

Thursday, April 10, 2003

So the test is over! Thank God no more memorizing metabolic pathways...for now anyway.

I wrote yesterday about Palo Alto. Check out the article if you haven't already. It should give you a hint into the ways of the Palo Alto. What is that saying that goes, if you don't have any real problems you start to create ficticious ones? Now I don't think there is anything wrong with people having psychologists to speak to about their "problems" so long as they admit that the majority of the "problems" are not really anything serious but rather problems created in their head. Even I am guilty of creating problems when I know that there is nothing truly wrong with my life (*knock on wood*). I think the cause is a lack of perspective. With that comes the lack of understanding about the world around you. This has led many people to call Palo Alto "The Bubble". Sadly, it's true.

Anyway, I apologize for lack of real news and cool articles. I spent the day studying biochemistry. We are all aware that Bagdhad was taken over and the Iraqi people rejoiced at the falling of the government. What shocked me was how I listened to the news today and instead of really hearing about the people rejoicing, the liberal stations moved on to new topics. Typical.

If you are ready to hear the truth, Michael Savage is where it's at. He's brutally honest, and sometimes comes off a little harsh but God damn does he know his history and how things really are. You can listen to him on 560 AM from 4-7pm monday through friday. He also was just signed on MSNBC but I don't get that channel so I have no idea when it is on except I know it's on saturday.
Fatty BioChem midterm tonight so possible postings afterwards. Don't hold your breath though. I may end up just working out and going to sleep early. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

For those who didn't know, Palo Alto is my home base. Out of all the places I have lived in my life, I spent the most time in Palo Alto. My parents still live there and so I still consider it my home. When I have more time I will post a little on what it was like growing up in Palo Alto but for now I will leave you with this article to give you a taste of how off the people act.
The problem with Palo Alto is it's filled with rich liberals. Now, generally I don't have a problem with liberals, but if you give them money and power, well, that's just damn dangerous!
Micki Weinberg sent me an email letting me know of a pro-Israel event that would be held on the UC Berkeley campus (if you can believe that). Of course it has to be at the exact time of my biochem midterm so I can't attend but if you see that your schedule is open at 7pm tomorrow (thursday) night then you should go. It will be held in 250 Dwinelle. It is titled: "Fighting for Peace" and three former Israeli soldiers will be speaking. Come if you can!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

My older brother often sends me very interesting articles. You will notice the Pro-Israel theme to them. Even still, the articles are good and come from reliable and accredited sources.

Here is one written by Joseph Farah. In it he talks about how it seems that no matter what Israel does to appease its neighbors or the world gets it nowhere. He writes, "There's an old saying that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It seems to me that is exactly what Israel has been doing for more than 10 years in the so-called "peace process." " The article is worth reading if you can stand realizing the truth.

This is my second attempt at starting a blog. Given a bit of time, I think I will learn to do this. There is hope for me. In anycase, look for links to interesting articles, random comments from me, and other interesting crap.

For now, check out some pictures of me from my recent trip to England and Spain. I visited a friend studying at the University of Sussex in Brighton so I spent some time in Brighton, London, and Barcelona. I am in love with Barcelona and the men that live there!


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