Friday, April 25, 2003

I received the following:
We reserve the right to attack Jews anywhere
because of our bretheren in Palestine, which
we have neglected to absorb into our
own countries or assist with money
and educational funds, except to reward the families of homicide bombers (thus encouraging more to enlist for the rightous cause)
In addition,
we reserve the right to be hypocritical
when we choose and use the terms
Israel, Jews and Zionism interchangeably,
despite protestations to the contrary
that we only oppose the existence of
Israel, not Jews. Furthermore, we reserve
the right to condemn Israel in general,
and Jews in particular, for human
right's abuses while we contine to
ignore the systematic abuse and
denigration of our own ethnic minorities
in Islamic lands (e.g., Druze, Maronite
Christians, Baha'is, Shi'ites,
Alawi'ites, Ahmaddiyas, Coptic Christians,
Kurds, Armenians, Berbers, Sudanese
Christians, etc..).

Finally, we especially reserve the right
to proclaim the uniqueness of Palestinian
terrorism as a vindication of past
abuses (whether legitimate or perceived)
despite the fact that the Kurds and
Armenians (who also claim territory)
have reached mutually-acceptable agreements
with respective governments after
agreeing to abandon terrorism, and
despite the fact that in response
to the mass-murder of 6 million Jews,
these individuals did not hijack
Lufthansa Airliners, blow-up Churches
in Germany and Austria, target young
German descendents of SS officers, or
throw elderly German men and woman
off of cruise ships in the Mediterranean.
We were right to expel 1 million Jews
from Arab countries and Iran, and
see no contradiction in denying them
a homeland in Israel, while we demand
one for the stateless Palestinians..

We reserve the right to ignore parallels
between the creation of Pakistan as
a homeland for Muslim Indians and the
creation of Israel as a homeland for
Jews. We further reserve the right to
ignore that both Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(the Father of "Pakistanism") and Theodore
Herzl (the Father of Zionism) were
both secular in nature. We demand that
only Muslims deserve a right to
a homeland based on Religion (Pakistan)
despite the displacement and human
right's abuses committed against
500,000 Indian Hindus in the displacement
process (we Muslims see no echoes here of
Israel-Palestine..) and the systematic
discrimination against Bengali Muslims
that ultimately led to the creation of

No...we Arabs demand a special claim
to our needs....we have suffered in
a unique way that mandates our response
to injustice be terrorism, persecution
of our own ethnic minorities, and
scapegoating of Israel thereby absolving
us of improving our own lives and
resolving political and religious
differences peacefully through
co-existence with Israel and the
non-Islamic world. Thus, we do indeed
have the right to bomb Israeli
territory from Lebanon, ignoring
the UN-approved withdrawal of Israel
from Lebanese territory. We do indeed
have the right to ignore our own
maps which show Sheba'a farms in fact
belongs to Syria and is thus open
to negotiation within the context of
the overall return of the Golan Heights.

How dare the Jews, and their supporters,
counter our 'logic' with rationality,
deductive reasoning and democratic
debate !
I am a Palestinian, at least that’s what I claim.

I was born in another arab country, but they do not want me.
They sent me and my family to other lands, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, but they do not want me either.
They tell me to go to Israel. They tell me to claim a connection to that land that my family had never been in.
They tell me my leader is an Egyptian, who does the same as me, lays claim to land he has no real connection to.
They tell me my leader loves the land we are to call Palestine, but his family lives in Paris.
They tell me he was “elected”, but all the other possible candidates were mysteriously killed before the “election”.
They tell me that our friends in the arab world support us with large sums of money, but the sewage in Gaza flows through the streets.

They tell me to kill all Israelis

My people, whoever they are, do not educate me.
They fill my head with fairytales and hate.
They provide me with no skills except through my “how to build a suicide bomb” video my local Hamas leader distributes.
They tell me that to be a martyr, but all I really wanted was to be a doctor.

They tell me that the enemy are small Israeli children who must be blown to pieces, but they do not explain why.
They tell me that Israelis are “Nazis”, but my local bookstore fills the walls with “Mein Kampf”

I only wish that someone could explain to me, why, after all these years, my “people” have nothing better to offer than hate and poverty, and an early death---with a street named after me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Job at Genentech has been secured. This makes me so very happy. A dream come true really.

Monday, April 21, 2003

For all those on the Berkeley campus who are so set to end the Israeli occupation why don't you feel the same compassion for Lebanon? It has been under Syrian occupation since 1976. What about their freedom? The following exerpt is from this article written by Thomas Friedman

"And that leads to the second-best reason for regime change in Syria: it could set Lebanon free. Lebanon is the only Arab country to have had a functioning democracy. It is also the Arab country that is most hard-wired for globalization. Trading and entrepreneurship are in Lebanon's DNA. Lebanon should be leading the Arab world into globalization, but it has not been able to play its natural Hong Kong role because Syria has choked the life out of the place."

And he goes on to say:

"Iraq is the only Arab country that combines oil, water, brains and secularism. Lebanon has water, brains, secularism and a liberal tradition. The Palestinians have a similar potential. Which is why I favor "triple self-determination." If Lebanon, Iraq and a Palestinian state could all be made into functioning, decent, free-market, self-governing societies, it would be enough to tilt the entire Arab world onto a modernizing track."

Sunday, April 20, 2003

To my Christian friends Happy Easter!

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