Saturday, May 03, 2003

Shpeel continued:

So I stopped my shpeel talking about the anti-Israel sentiment that seems to be spreading around the world. Israel is put under a magnifying glass. Every slightly wrong move is pointed out and on some level scolded for. But that's ok. What scares me more are the people who refuse to call hatred for Jews anti-semetism. I couldn't believe that I close friend of mine would say that to my face.

I really am digressing. My point was to tell you about my family. My mother's father survived Auschwitz and after the war, briefly went back to Lodz, Poland and realized there was nothing left for him there. No family, no house, no possessions. Nothing. He was all alone in the world. All his siblings were either dead or had disappeared. He had one aunt that survived. Guess how she escaped. Before the war, she had married a non-Jew. She was disowned by her family for doing so but he was able to save her and their children. Ironic isn't it?
My grandfather decided his life was now in Israel and so he moved there. He was all alone and eager to get married and begin a new family. He met my grandmother not too long after he arrived in Israel. He chased after her until she agreed to marry him. It is a very cute story. And guess what attracted him to her. My grandmother at that time was a little chubby. My grandfather loved the fact that she had fat on her body since he had spent 4 years seeing emaciated, near-death bodies. He found it very attractive that she was a full-figured woman.
They got married at around 20 years of age and shortly after my uncle was born. A year later, my mom was born. And then 6 years later my other uncle was born.

Meanwhile, in Haifa, my dad's parents arrived in 1948 (I think) after spending some time on the island of Cypris waiting to go to Israel. My father was the third child, and the first born in Israel. The other two were born in Romania.

stay tune for next installment.
So i realize no one but me can see the images I posted. I still have a lot to learn about how to do this apparently.*sigh*

In any case, there are a few things that I need to check in the near future.

1. The efficacy of mammograms. I debated with a friend that they don't detect breast cancer as often as one would hope but she disagreed with me. So I need to do some research on this.

2. Research on this new Prime Minister of the Palestinian people.

3. Learn about Prague, Budapest, Berlin, and Vienna since those are the cities I will be visiting at the end of the summer.

I'll let you know how it all goes.

Meanwhile, the list of books I want to read this summer gets longer. I really hope I find time to read at least some of them.

Friday, May 02, 2003

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

I need to give credit to Cary for fixing my computer. He put up with a dumb girl (me) who has no idea how to do anything with computers and got me back online. This sounds like no big deal but my computer has been out of commission for about a month. As in, it completely crashed and burned...Everything had to be reinstalled.

In other news, I need to study so more tomorrow!
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I finally have my internet up and running at home again! Only took a month and a half. This is cause for celebration!
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Today is the three-week mark. Three weeks from today I will be done with the semester and I'll be 21 years old. Yikes! Legal to buy alcohol! Never thought the day would come. Anyway, much to do in the next three weeks so if there are fewer postings, you'll forgive me I'm sure. I will continue my schpeel soon.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Maybe it's time that I give a little history about my family. I was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to the United States when I was three. So basically, I grew up in the US, however, I am fluent in Hebrew and do visit the beautiful country quite often. Am I scared to go there? No. I would be lying if I said I was at ease walking around the flea market or at bustling cafe. But just visiting does not cause me any distress. But I am digressing.

My parents were both first generation in Erez Israel. Their parents were immigrants from Romania and Poland. Each grandparent of mine is/was a Holocaust survivor. My mother's father had it the worst. He was the only member of his family to survive Auschwitz. I am pretty disappointed by the number of people who talk about the Holocaust as though it was something bad but that Jews need to get over it. We should NEVER get over it. How dare anyone think that we should let it go? Until 6 million of your people are killed just because of something they had no control over don't talk to me about letting it go. Now, when I say this, I don't mean to say we should hold a grudge on the German people for not doing anything to stop it. Or for that matter, holding a grudge on anyone for not doing much about it. It just means, it cannot be forgotten. But I fear that the world has already forgotten from some of the anti-Israel sentiment that is resonating around the world. It's pretty scary. The world scrutinizes Israel and for what reason? Because of the Palestinians? What about all the Israelis who are being blown to bits?? How can they be dismissed as Palestinian suffering?

I will continue my schpeel later.....must go for now
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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

A Suicide Bombing on the seafront in Tel Aviv killed 5 people and wounded another three dozen people.

From the Associated Press article:

"The owner of the restaurant, Gal Ganzman, his shirt covered with blood, said he was standing behind the bar when he heard the explosion. "I'm alive, I'm fine," he said. "One of the waitresses lost an arm but she's still alive. The boom was just outside the entrance. The security guard must have stopped him."

This is so very depressing. Right now my emotions are irrational and so I can't form useful thoughts on the matter. God Damn how I am pissed/angry/saddened by this!

Read the whole article
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I was curious to read about the controversy over the foreskin of the penis. More and more doctors don't recommend circumcision to newborns and since my sons will all be circumsized for religious reasons, I want to know what they will be missing (so to speak).

A little bit about the Circumcision:

1. I wanted to know what purposes the foreskin serves. So I read up on it and apparently it has 3 main functions: protective, sensory, and sexual.

2. What are the medical reasons for circumcision: reduced risk of urinary tract infections (UTI); reduced risk of penile cancer; reduced risk of cervical cancer in partners of intact males; reduced risk of sexually transmitted disease.

Much more can be found at the following website on Circumcision

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OK so everything is good with the blog now. I mean in terms of the archives linking correctly and the like.
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OK so I had to change the template for the blog and in the process jumbled up the archive templates. I'll fix it soon. But the goodnews is, you can still go to the archives and read them :) Yay!
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Monday, April 28, 2003

AMIR- The archives are working!!! :)

Do you know what this means? That I actually fixed something that had to do with Technology. Yay for me!

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NOTE: To have a real Jewish wedding both the bride and groom must be Jewish. I don't know of any Orthodox Rabbis that will perform interfaith marriages. On another note, apparently you can't have a non-Jewish wedding in Israel. That is, if one of the two people getting married is not Jewish, the wedding cannot be done in Israel. The rules are obviously different for the Muslims or Christians living in Israel but between a Jew and a non-Jew, apparently, the wedding cannot take place in Israel. Something to think about.
In addition, conversions to Judaism are only reckognized in Israel if the person converts through the orthodoxed community. Conservative or Reform conversions do not count and the person will not be considered Jewish in Israel. In other words, it is damn hard to become a Jew.

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