Friday, May 23, 2003

To quote the Israel Action Commitee's (of Berkeley) slogan "Israel wants peace, we have no partners"

Come on, I dare you to argue that with me. I completely and 100% agree with this statement. Why? As Sharon was planning to come to the US to begin talks regarding the roadmap, five, yes five, not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE terrorist attacks were carried out in Israel against Israeli civilians killing many and injuring many more. Now, if they wanted to give peace a chance, they could have at least let Sharon come here and begin talks. But instead of trying for peace they continue with their terror that is beyond unacceptable. If I were Sharon I would have unleashed my wrath on them after the weekend of fireworks. They don't deserve their own country the way they are behaving. Their leaders need to do more to control these terrorists, and we all know (or at least should know) that more could be done on their side. So why isn't it being done? Good question.

Let me tell you something else. For those of you who think this is just about liberating the Palestinian people you are way off. The leaders of these terrorist organizations are teaching them to hate JEWS. They are told to kill as many as they can. Now where did I hear about such behavior before? Hmm......Oh that's right, Nazi Germany. Oh you don't think that the two situations show similarities? Wake up then. Wake up before the world allows AGAIN the attempts at the extermination of the Jews. The Palestinians and most of the Arab countries have no desire to ever have peace with Israel or the Jews. Even after a Palestinian state will be formed there won't be peace. Do you know how frustrating that feeling is? To know that no matter what you do, it can never please the other side because they HATE you and want to see you disappear? To realize that your people will probably never experience peace. To know that we will continue to be the target of terrorism, hatred, and jealousy. A people that has brought to much to this world. The teachings of Judaism have affected every life in the Western world (even if you don't know it). Why will we always be the target for people's hatred? Can we be left in peace? Just leave us alone!
I got to LA yesterday evening. The ride down was lonely but it gave me a lot of time to think and sing at the top of my lungs. I brought a David Fisher CD that I listened a lot to on road trips when I was a child. He sings prayer songs but not in the traditional way they are usually heard in synagogue. I started crying at one point after I realized how many of the songs surround the topic of peace. Infact, one of the songs' entire lyrics consist of "He will make peace, he will make peace on us, and on all of Israel, and we will say Amen." And it just repeats over and over and over. I started crying as I listened to this because it is in the hearts of every Jew for peace in Israel. And if it's not, it should be. I listened to the song many times on the way down and kept asking myself when? When will He make peace on His people? I am still waiting, and so is all of Israel.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I am watching Good Morning America and they are doing the weather for the entire nation. Apparently it's rainy and shitty in the whole US except in Cali where there was a fat sun symbol! The way it should be :)
Oh and, I am even more proud that I will be working at Genentech after the announcement they made regarding a new cancer treatment drug. Their stock jumped up 45% in ONE DAY! Only wish I had stock in Genentech! Anyway, amazing things are happening there and soon I will be apart of it! Yay!

Birthday wrap up. I went to SF to a nice restaurant where the Frenchies and I ordered cocktails and dessert. Again, I wasn't carded but actually at this place, I wasn't expecting to be carded. In any case, so after that we went to a bar. There was a table with some very attractive men so when one of them went up to the bar I worked up the nerve to go talk to him. I played it cool asking if the bar is usually this crowded on a Wednesday night. I told him I am new to the world of bars since it was my 21st birthday. Anyway, so after I went to sit back down, him and his friend come over to our table and order us all drinks in honor of my birthday! First time a random person has bought me a drink. Although, it was also my first time at a bar so....Turns out they were Stanford students.

Anyway, that was the night. It was fun. Would have liked it Faraaz had joined us but I guess I'll get over it :)

Be on the look out for more interesting postings soon. I leave for LA tomorrow to visit some peeps that go to UCLA.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Laura just called me from Bolivia to wish me a happy birthday! It was the best present she could have gotten me! Got to talk to her for about 45 minutes and it was great! Made my birthday awesome. My brother also has been great. He made me breakfast and lunch! What a great guy! Oh, and just as I suspected, I went to buy alcohol and was not carded. I was about to ask the guy to card me but then I thought I shouldn't do that since it might get him into trouble. But I can't believe I can buy alcohol. Tonight I am going drinking with my pals. Let's see if they card me. They fricken better!

In other news: I came to some major conclusions lately. I am so proud to be Jewish. And why not? I think each person should be proud of who they are and where they come from. I sat with my brother today and looked at a book that was made when Israel turned 50 and had major headline articles from each year from the beginning of Israel. It is amazing how much Israel has been through and how little things seem to change. Brought tears to my eyes. I will elaborate later.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Finals are done. Summer is here. The sun is out and it is so nice and warm. Expect more informative postings now that I am on vacation. I may be gone a for a few days so don't miss me too much. I'll keep you posted on where I'll be.

I saw a sign today for I think it was the Marines or some division of the army. It said "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten it" Amen
Why couldn't I be born a genius? Then I wouldn't have to study so hard...damn it...maybe in my next life God you could do that for me? That would be very much appreciated.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Didn't I say I wouldn't post much during finals? Eh, it's more fun than studying...

Anyway, I have to post again because I wanted to share with you all two very important lessons I have learned recently (possibly even three) and while this will sound cliche, realize the significance of what I am about to say.

1) It is VERY easy to misjudge a person's character. I always thought I could assess someone's character with pretty good accuracy. Usually I can, but unfortunately, sometimes we brush off the warning signs that would usually tell us to beware because we really want to like and trust someone. This is especially dangerous if you like the person.

2) Actions speak WAY louder than words. As my dad would say, "Don't tell me you love me, show me the flowers." He also has a saying, "Shit or get off the pot" but that has little to do with this topic.

3) Realize that there are very few people in this world that will be there for you no matter what. I can count only three that I really believe will be there for me no matter what the hell kind of trouble I get myself into. They are my mother, my father, and my brother. I have friends who I know would help me out if I needed it, but friendships are fluid. Parents love unconditionally (or at least mine do...)

I am off to bed. I had to get that off my chest. Now I will go dream about Biochemistry and hope to God I pass tomorrow. Wish me luck!
I have 2 more hours of studying and then I will call it a night. After that, I leave it to God and Valium to get me through the exam tomorrow. It isn't so much that the material is hard but that it seems like they expect us to know an endless amount of information. In all honesty how much of it will I remember even 2 days after the exam. Not much most likely. I will chuck it out of my brain as I drink away to celebrate finally being 21. The countdown continues...
The horror:

"Sunday's bus bomber, disguised as an observant Jew with a skullcap and white prayer shawl, struck a few minutes before 6 a.m. at the beginning of morning rush hour on a work day in Israel.

The gush of metal and fire tore through the driver's leg, and as he lost control of the vehicle its back end fishtailed, smashing a sidewalk bus stop shelter. The bodies of the dead remained upright in their seats, including that of a woman with short dark hair whose head slumped back and whose legs were still crossed. One man's body leaned from a broken window."


One more day before the big Biochem final. I am nowhere near ready. I need another week of intensive studying. The minute the exam is over I take my Mechanical Engineering book to the library and do whatever I can not to fail the final which is on tuesday. Oh jesus this is gonna suck. Each day feels more and more like summer which is great because tuesday begins my summer. I cannot wait. I can already feel it.

The library was a mess today. Every seat was either occupied by a body or by a book holding a person's place. It was difficult to find a place to sit but eventually I found one. Sat there for four hours straight and when I got up I didn't feel any smarter. Go figure.

In other news, well, I got one of my finals done today.

Oh, you were waiting for real news. Well, we all heard about the massive suicide bombing in Morrocco. I thought to myself, finally it's not in Israel (not to say I am glad it happened but was slightly relieved it wasn't in Israel because then we have to call all our relatives to make sure everyone is ok) but then of course the attack was against Jewish and Spanish targets. In addition to this horror, two suicide bombings happened in Jerusalem not too long after. *sigh* ...my friend thinks that the suicide bombings are in response to the US invasion of Iraq. I don't agree. She and I don't agree much on politics. So we usually drop the subject and talk about how much school sucks.

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