Saturday, June 28, 2003


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I just had to add that I am SUPER excited about my backpacking trip next weekend with Laura and her family. The location choices are Big Basin or the Sierras. Either one is fine with me. I just really wanna go backpacking. This week I bought a Northface backpack for $90 that sold for retail at $250! What a great deal eh? It's practically new and soooo cool. It's the coolest backpack in the world! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is going on in Cali?

Confused by what is going on with the governorship in California? Me too! The state of California is dissatisfied with the job Gov. Davis is doing (umm duhhh) and has decided to recall him. To me this whole fiasco seems unconsitutional but I looked it up and surprise! It's completely legal! Who knew... So here's the deal:

The recall law was instituted in 1911. Since then, it has never been exercised till now. 900,000 signatures is all it takes to recall Davis. Rep. Darrell Issa decided to put in his own money into gathering the signatures to recall Davis. I just want to say, good for Issa! He is pissed at how shitty Davis is doing and has decided to do something about it. I don't really care what his motives are (ie. He wants to be governor or he just hates Davis...etc) I am impressed that instead of just bitching about what a shitty job Davis is doing, he's actually taking action.

I have to be honest that I know little about what exactly went wrong with the whole energy crisis and what not but I do know that a lot of people messed up big time and it is time for people to take responsibilities for their actions. I couldn't believe that Davis got re-elected but considering his competition (Simon) it's not thaaat shocking.

California is such a cool place to live but it's getting ridiculously expensive to live here. Davis should be doing more to cut costs not raising them! That bastard. I hate him. I hope he gets kicked out. People fear a Republican in office but I don't think it could be worse than what we are dealing with right now. Who knows, I could be wrong. Could it really get worse? It's hard to imagine....

Friday, June 27, 2003

I was listening to Howard Stern this morning as I do each morning on the commute to Genentech. There was a considerable amount of traffic which I discovered was due to the fact that the president was landing in SFO. I can't believe one man causes highway 101 to get so backed up. Pathetic. But anyway, that was not my point. My point was that Howard briefly discussed the Special Olympics which was held in Ireland this year. Apparently, some of the Arab nations wouldn't let their athletes compete against Israel's athletes. How far can they take this hatred?! It's the Special Olympics for crying out loud! These are people who are disabled and/or mentally challenged! It is just disgusting.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Can you stomach it?

You think you can handle seeing real unedited pictures from a suicide bombing? I was so shocked when I saw it and I almost threw up. I won't link the pictures to here unless I hear from people that they are curious and brave enough to look at them

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Working Hard or Hardly working?

I was at work until 1130pm last night! Didn't even feel like work because I spent the last 2 hours watching my run and chit chatting with the technicians. It was a lot of fun. One of the technicians who works the graveyard shift is Israeli. I met him for the first time last night. It was really kind of funny. He doesn't have what I consider an Israeli name (it sounds more Russian) and his accent was a little weird because I think he has a lisp or some kind of a speech impediment. He was talking to my boss and me and as soon as I heard him say "srrreee" (aka three) and heard the roll of the "R" I knew he was Israeli. I was planning to ask him as soon as he was finished talking to my boss but before I could he started talking to me in Hebrew! It was awesome. I talked to him for a while and got to practice my Hebrew. He was a very nice guy. Cute too...but that usually goes without saying. I think Israeli men on the whole are pretty attractive.
Without naming names I want to send a message out to a certain someone who I had a little online discussion with late last night (you know who you are whiteboy). Here it goes: you gave me a great suggestion the other day and I am already looking into how to make it reality. Other than that, we only talk about things that relate to you. I shouldn't have even asked the first question yesterday because it opened a door to things that are none of my business. Let's see if we can find new things to talk about mkay?

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I am hoping in the next few weeks to wiggle my way into an Israeli blog ring. It seems anyway that I post mostly about the issues there. My heart aches whenever I hear about the pain Israel is going through. It isn't fair. I realize how childish I sound saying that it isn't fair, but hell, it isn't! What would it take to maybe put some prozac in the water in the middle east. It will help everyone calm down and lift their spirits a little and maybe realize how precious life is. People are going around killing eachother, destroying families, causing such deep pain that you can see in the faces of the people whose pictures end up on Yahoo picture galleries. You can see their misery. The anguish that comes with losing a loved one. My mom has told me many times that she would not know what to do with herself if something bad (God forbid) were to happen to me or my brother. I can't imagine how these people go on with their lives. This is all I can say about this right now or I'll end up crying.
It was called to my attention that perhaps I need to be a bit more specific when I write about when people hurt me. I just choose not to b'c I don't want EVERYONE to know about problems I have with specific people but the downfall is that then I run the risk of everyone being offended which is not the intention.
Please read the entry below. It's really worth reading.

Monday, June 23, 2003

So far away....

I live in California...That's pretty damn far from Israel. In order to feel closer to "home" I read Israeli people's blogs. To get a sense of what daily life is like for people who are actually in danger of being terror victims. Today I stumbled across a girl named Rinat's blog. I told her I would borrow some stuff she wrote because it will give you a feel for what her life is like. I want to point out that Rinat is not a born Israeli (or so I gathered from the little I read so far). She moved to Israel (known to Jews as making Aliyah or journeying up to Israel). She was near the last suicide bombing that happened in Jerusalem. Here is what she had to say about the horror:

I am so perturbated. Angry. Afraid. Disappointed. Don't know what else. One hour ago a terrorist blew himself up in an Egged bus here in the center of Jerusalem, in front of the Clal building, a huge commercial center here in Yaffo Street, the main one downtown. Report.

I heard everything. A huge strong dry BUM striked my ears and my heart. I was coming back to the center in another bus, the 21, in front of the Central Bus Station. Everyone got in a certain panic and the telephones began ringing almost instantanely. Radio on. Sirenes. Ambulances. Police. Streets closed. What a horrible sensation. Fear, anger and more: a wierd sensation of guilt for being alive when the death was so near us.

Hamas said that this is the first action in response for yesterday's attack against one of his most strong leaders, Abdel Aziz Rantizi, in Gaza. Damn it. We failed in killing that bastard yesterday and now it seems the doors from hell are opened for us again.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Look how much I've posted just today!

I am here in Richmond finishing up some lab work (the lab I work at while I am in school at Berkeley). As I sit here and analyze slides, thoughts have crossed my mind. Before I forget them, I better write them up. So here it goes.

A few people who are very close to me are constantly giving me "constructive critism". Now, I try to take it as that, but has occurred to me that those few people have more complaints than anything for me. And I sit here and wonder, am I that awful of a human being that they dwell on the few psychotic tendencies I have? I realize I stress more than normal people, that I am more scatterbrained than most people, that I freak out more than normal people, but why do people feel they have to point out my flaws when they themselves have a mountain of their own that they need to deal with. I would never dare to critisize all of their flaws because I know I have my own and that would be hypocritical of me to tell them the reasons why they suck. Not to mention, I love these people and want nothing but them to be happy. I don't understand how they couldn't want the same for me. I mean, if you are constantly tell me how I screw up all the time even when I am trying hard not to, how am I suppose to be happy with myself to know I disappoint the few people that matter to me?

It's tough. I try hard to please but I am apparently failing. *sigh* Well, hopefully regardless of the complaints, these people find redeeming qualities in me otherwise I should just butt out of their lives completely as not to insult them with my fuck ups.
Have you missed me?

I apologize for the lack of interesting postings lately. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting sheeit on here very soon. In the week that I for some lame reason wasn't able to post I had so many interesting things to say and of course I can't remember a single one of them. They will slowly come back to me and as they do, I'll post them.

One important thing is: ZOLAIR got FDA approval . That is Genentech's 11th drug approval. It is for people who have severe asthma and don't respond well to normal inhalers. Have I mentioned how much I love Genentech?
Yay for Public Transportation!

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) finally opened up the extension that goes down to the San Francisco Airport! It took them like 5 years to do it but hey, at least it's finally done! This means that when I get back from Europe, instead of paying like $25 for a shuttle to Berkeley from the airport I can pay whatever it costs on BART to get back. It will be a lot cheaper that's for sure! Now all they need to do is make the Cal Train faster so that I can take that up to the BART and go from there over to Berkeley. That would be ideal for public transportation. It won't happen while I need it...

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