Saturday, July 19, 2003

A Palestinian Zionist? In Berkeley?!

This article is really amazing.. below are a few selected exerpts. I highly recommend you go and read the entire article. If you are one that has given up hope that anything can change, read it!

...Shoebat, 42, hails from Beit Sahour, outside of Bethlehem. He is the son of a Palestinian Muslim father and an American Christian mother. His great-grandfather on his mother's side was the mayor of Eureka in Humboldt County, while his grandfather on his father's side was friendly with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseni, who allied himself with Adolf Hitler.

..As a young man, Shoebat participated in some political activities -- including putting a Palestinian flag on top of a mosque and throwing rocks on Jews praying at the Western Wall. These actions landed him in jail, where he encountered some militants who chose the 16-year-old for a special mission: to deliver a loaf of bread with some explosives inside to the Bank Leumi branch in Bethlehem.

..."In 1993 I started looking into my enemy's book, the Tanach," he told the Bridges to Israel gathering, "and I came to the conclusion that the Jewish people are the most peaceful people on earth."

Read the entire article here

Yet another good article written by Cathryn

Cathryn, I am enjoying your writing style!

Read: GPS And Taxes: An Intrusive Combination by Cathryn Crawford
One more song...same group...same idea

Look at what there is and what is going on here
I eat and sleep well
And this gives me time to breathe and ask for peace
Little boy, give him some too.
Stop! Enough with the hatred!
Another idiot, it really doesn't matter


The one that laughed is the one that cries and the one that cried is the one that laughs
And everything stays within the family, even the happiness
Between man to man to one God
Between man to man to one God
Between man to man to one God
And I am not alone, there are a lot that are with me

A few days pass and you've forgotten, it's too bad
That there is a war
You were on your way to the light, but went back to the dark
And now you don't know who to choose
Amidst all the lies and let's not talk about the message
I will give you a little to taste, the king is around
if there won't be peace you won't be able to sleep
You cried, there is a sea on your face
And he promised to bring, to make and deliver
You have to forgive and understand and the peace must come as fast as it can.....

Israeli Song!!!!

I have been promising for a while...and finally I have some time to listen carefully. This is the best translation I can do on my own! This should give you a taste to the mentality..(it rhymes in Hebrew)

People everywhere, in every time...
They are the people everywhere,
Yes, and they all live their lives from day to day
On the way to reality, there exists a dream that helps,
to understand the hope and not let it runaway,
Not to stop in the army and give up on the strength.......

...In search of who to blame, in search of the love,
he gets confused between the good and the bad
And the basic s are in this moment,
and the answer will come at the end of the road
and you won't know if all this is really true or just some dream that plays...

What is allowed to be trusted, is to stop the fire
and ask from God to watch over what there is:
The Hope in our hearts and the strength that exists here
Yes because, yes because, yes because you are all awesome people!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Magen David Adom

The equivalent of the Red Cross. Go to their website and look around. Magen David Adom answers about 1000 ambulance calls each and every day. Imagine how much money and supplies it takes to fund this! Check out the blogathon.

I had a great dream last night. Debated whether to post it here because it was slightly personal...but then I figured what the hell! It will make you guys understand me better. Anyway, for those who know me, know that I am definitely having kids one day. As many as four of them! So I dreamt that I gave birth. I was so happy and had a little baby girl. I named her what I plan to name my first daughter (those who know me know what that name would be). I brought a beautiful angel into the world and I was ecstatic and overcome with joy. Then I woke up, but the feeling of happiness stayed with me for most of the day.

You see, I realize that procreating is our purpose here on earth. Having and raising children is probably the biggest and most challenging accomplishment I will make in my life. Sure, work and career are important, but not nearly as important as raising children. Maybe that's the woman in me talking...But I know that any good parents' main concern is their child's well-being. I dare you to threaten any person, or for that matter, any animal's offspring and you are putting yourself in danger. Have you ever approached ducklings to get a closer look? If the mother isn't in view, she will be very soon with a mean glare and a couple of quackings to get you away from her children! How dare you threaten her babies?! They are her most precious possessions. And so they should be.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


A friend of mine told me that she feels very informed on Israel but not on the other side of the issue. I realize my biases. Even if I claimed no biases no one would believe me solely because of my origin of birth and the fact that I am Jewish. I would have to go far out of my way, bend over backwards, to feel sorry for the other side in order for anyone to feel safe in saying that I am not biased towards the Jews. But then I would run into the problem that I would be known among Jews as a "self-hating Jew". Self-hating Jews are willing to excuse or justify why other people have problems with Jews no matter how ridiculous the reason seems. Anything to prove to the world that even though they are Jewish they will not be stamped with the biased sticker. I guess I am wasting my breath putting up pro-Israel things since people are dismissing it as "oh she's just biased cuz her family lives there and she's Jewish". Well shit. If I don't speak up, who will? If even I won't stand up for my people then why would anyone else care? But I am looking around for people with blogs that don't have any ties to Israel. I found one so far. You want someone who comes in with no bias towards the situation and sees what is going on there for what it is go read Cathryn's blog.

And one more thing. I am probably the first to say that the Palestinian people have been screwed over. They are getting the raw end of the deal (I think that's the expression). But it is, in my opinion, mostly due to their own leadership that they are suffering so badly and NOT because of the "occupation". I can understand that the occupation is uncomfortable, degrading and all that, but if their leaders wanted to stop the terrorism (which Arafat helps fund) and actually work towards peace then the Palestinian people could live in their own sovereign nation, side by side with Israel. Wow, that sounds so wonderful. Why can't it happen? We'll wait and see.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Kiteboarding Bliss

I have a confession to make. I left today from work at 4 so that I could go take a kiteboarding lesson. I had a lot of fun! 3 hours of one on one with a pretty cute instructor. It's a lot of fun! Today was sunny, warm, good wind, and not many people around to watch as I learned by being dragged in the water by a huge kite. I have another lesson sometime this week where I will actually get to use the board. That, apparently, is the last step to learning. First onland launching and landing, then in the water without a board, and finally when you master all that...you get to try kiteboarding...with a board! I'll let you know how it goes. So far so good....

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Irish terrorist in Israel

I found this article thru this blog. The article talks about how "Israel has arrested an Irish man suspected of being a bombmaker who entered the country three weeks ago and traveled to the West Bank to train Palestinians in making explosives, a security official said today."

The blogger who brought this to my attention writes: "It has been long past time for American politicans to stop pandering to the Irish Catholic vote and pressure Britain to deal with the IRA as the terrorist organization they are. The IRA's involvement in the Northern Irish government is akin to giving Al-Qaeda a role in New York State's government."

Sadly, I know very little about the IRA and all that so I guess I will look into that whenever I get a chance.

Hebrew Song

I know I promised to translate a song from Hebrew. I need a little assistance with it because while I have most of it figured out there is a word here and there that I am not quite sure of its meaning in context. So...hopefully...my mom or my brother will help me out in the next few days as soon as I have a free moment. It's been a hectic weekend. Didn't get nearly enough done but yet somehow I was constantly running around.

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