Friday, July 25, 2003

6 of the last Jews in Baghdad make it to Israel!

The Jews were flown to Israel as
part of a joint operation of
the Jewish Agency and the
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
(HIAS), a Jewish-American
organization that deals with
humanitarian aid to Jews
throughout the world.

Iraq once had a thriving
community of 130,000 Jews, but about 120,000
made their way to Israel between 1949 and 1952,
with smaller numbers of Jews leaving the
country in subsequent years.

...Before Friday's mission only 34 Jews were found
in Iraq by a Jewish Agency envoy who visited
the country after the U.S.-led defeat of Saddam
Hussein's government, Rom said.

The other 28 Iraqi Jews did not want to come to
Israel, said Rom speaking on Israel's Channel 2
TV. He added that the agency had supplied those
who stayed behind with religious articles.

2 Weeks!

I have two weeks until my internship ends and I leave for Europe. I have about one million things to do before I can go. One of which is give a seminar presentation on my work. I have never done a presentation of that magnitude in front of many very intelligent scientist (some being the top in their field). Don't get me wrong, I think it's an honor to get the opportunity to do this, but it's also extremely nerve-racking. The CEO, Art Levinson, spoke to the interns this week and one of the pieces of advice he gave us was not to be afraid. Don't be afraid of your ability. I will take that advice and go up there confident. Wish me luck!
Rest in Peace

I don't know how appropriate it is for me to post this but I will anyway. A member of my graduating class (Palo Alto Senior High School Class of 2000) committed suicide yesterday. Jake Steinberg, I hope you have found peace.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Michael Savage for Governor?

As I drove into work today, I saw a truck covered in pro-USA stickers (imagine that). There were "Hot Talk 560AM" stickers as well. This led me the realization that the man driving was probably Republican. Anyway, among the stickers I saw one for Worldnetdaily.com . I decided to check out the website and what do I see? An article on the possibility of Michael Savage running for Governor!

Savage said his platform would include the following:

Enforcing Proposition 187, a ballot initiative approved by the people of the state that would have ended taxpayer subsidization of medical and education services for illegal aliens. Savage contends enforcement of the initiative would save California taxpayers $8 billion to $10 billion.

The deportation of all criminal illegal aliens in the state. Savage says this action would save $3 billion to $5 billion.

Hospitalization of the mentally-ill homeless. Again, Savage claims this would save $3 billion to $5 billion dollars in welfare payments.

He would also enforce another state ballot initiative declaring English the official language. As he explains it: "If you can't speak English, then don't vote in our elections. If you're too lazy to learn how to speak, read or write English, then don't vote in our elections. English only on all ballots. English only in all business dealings in the state of California."
"I believe in the Golden State not the Welfare State," he said.

October 7th

Mark your calendars, the recall is on. October 7th (i believe) Californians go to the polls and either re-elect Davis or pick from one of 4 republicans who are likely to run. One of which is Arnold! Anyway, I am not sure what this whole recall could mean for California. Will it put us in a constant feud between Republicans and Democrats? Anytime someone is elected, the other party will just run around collecting signatures till there is enough to do a recall. That could be chaos! I have no idea...I need to talk to someone who knows about this shtuff.
Mazal Tov!

I wanted to share with you the happy news I heard this week. My cousin is pregnant! She already has one angel child who is now nearing 2 years old. He is the cutest kid I have seen in a long time. You can tell he will have an amazing personality too because he's such a happy boy and so well behaved. I wish my cousin and her family all the happiness with this new addition that is to arrive soon!
The blog is slowly coming back to the form it was before I messed it up. Sorry it has taken me a while. Work has been kinda of busy. I have a list from here to next year of things that have to be accomplished before I head off to Europe in 2.5 weeks!!!! Stressful time but exciting as well.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

They're dead!

Saddam's sons were brought to justice. I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Just as my blog starts to look kind of cool, I messed it up... I will hopefully have it back the way it was as soon as I can.
Step two

I took the lesson, and today I bought a wet suit. I went to this little boarding store that was tucked away nearby the location I had my lesson. I walked in nervous and noticed I was the only one in there (aside from the employees). I had no idea what I was looking for or where to begin even. I think they noticed so they immediately offered to help. After trying on one wetsuit and realizing that it was way too small, they located one that was used (but looked pretty darn new) that they would sell to me for very cheap. Apparently, if I had bought the same one new I would have paid $300 for it. Let's just say I paid much much less. I tried it on and uhhh had trouble getting it off. It was quite comical the whole situation. I swallowed my pride and asked the guy to help me out of it.

They also gave me advice as to what kind of a kite I should look into purchasing....the only problem I have with the kite is the fact that new ones cost close to $1000. An expensive sport to say the least. I must make sure I know what I'm doing before spending that kind of cash and then ruining the kite the first time I'm out on the water!

In anycase, my next lesson is on Tuesday and I am hoping to get to do some work on the board! I will keep you updated.

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