Saturday, August 09, 2003


Happy 21st Faraaz! I will miss you while I am gone but I'll be thinking about you. Have a LOT of fun after next Saturday. :) I'll be sending you good thoughts I hope you'll be able to sense them.

I'll be around

I will do my best to blog from time to time so that you can hear about my experiences off in Europe. I hope you'll come back to Czech it out (heh I am so clever). Anyway, hope the Berkeley folk are enjoying their final days of summer and I'll see you all very soon. Adios!
Packing Update

Yeah....still working on it. I don't know what to take! I heard Europe is experiencing a heat wave but I am not used to that kind of weather. In Cali, if it's hot during the day, you can still be certain it will cool off. I have no shorts! But it's ok. Somehow I'll manage. I am so excited! Julia, if you are reading this don't forget to meet me at the airport! Can't wait to see yoU!!!! :) :) :)

Friday, August 08, 2003


I leave for Europe tomorrow! I can't wait. I get to spend 2 weeks in Europe with one of my best friends :) Have I packed? Hahahah riiiiiight. That's what tonight at 11 is for. I did nothing last night to further the cause. It's ok though. I was in a state of relief and content and so I justified it with that excuse.

But what do I have to do today? I have to go to work first and foremost. I have to say goodbye to all the awesome people I met there. I have to not cry because I really love Genentech and working there. When I get home, I have to CLEAN! I cannot leave until the tornado aftermath in my room is picked up. And then, I have to pack and NOT forget the important things (ie Camera). But the suckiest (for lack of a better word) thing I have to do is say goodbye to Laura. She won't be here when I get back and I can't handle that reality. She'll have left for school already and since her parents are out on Sabbatical, she may not come back to Cali for Winter Break! What the hell will I do?!? Life is annoying like that. The ones you can't live without are always far away, and the ones you wish would go away you have to share a kitchen with.

I should get to work!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

What a Relief

Presentation is over. It went really well. I feel relieved.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

4 more days!!

Four days till I go to Europe! I still have to finish up my internship at Genentech. I will be sad to leave there. I would drop out of school and work full time if I could. But my guess is, it will be to my benefit to finish my degree first. In anycase, I still have a lot to do before I get to go anywhere. On top of it, I have to say goodbye to my parents because they will be in Israel for a whole month. Looks like my brother will be enjoying the house all to himself :)

I really want everything to go smoothly from now till school starts. Let's hope. I am also hoping to blog some while I'm away so that you can all enjoy my adventures abroad.

Monday, August 04, 2003


US May Penalize Israel For Constructing Security Fence

Sunday, August 03, 2003

The City

I went out to SF for the first time since I turned 21. Well, I went on my 21st birthday but I don't count it as "going out" into the city because it was midweek so not much was going on. Last night, I have never seen so many people walking the streets of SF. It was awesome! It's quite a trek and an expensive adventure. Driving, parking, drinks, sometimes cover charges..adds up. But, once in a while, when you are in the mood to party, it's worth it. Just remember a jacket because SF gets cold!!!!

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