Saturday, August 16, 2003

Kutna Hora

In about an hour we are off for a few hours in the town of Kutna Hora. Its something like 35 km east of Prague and is suppose to be very beautiful. It has some crazy castle that we are going to see. I'll tell you more about it after the journey.

Today, Julia and I had a lot of fun in the subway. The train we needed didn't want to go to the stop we needed to get to. We are pretty savvy though and figured out quickly that we would have to take a bus. Thankfully, we were able to locate the bus and get to where we needed to go. The bus was PACKED since the train wasn't running.

Yesterday, we went up to the castle that I have been taking way too many pictures of. There were sooo many tourists. A lot of them were Israeli. Infact, there was an Israeli tour group and so I listened in for a bit to learn about the castle. We had lunch near the market and at the table next to us were like 25 English men in their 40's singing and making a lot of noise. We were pleased that they were English and not American :) They were hilarious though and were all wearing matching shirts that said "Death of a Legend Tour" and each had their nickname on the back. We asked them what this tour they were on was and it turns out that one of the guys is getting married and so this was his "bachelor party" or something.

Later in the evening, Julia and I went on a boat tour on the Vtlava river. Matthew, the guide, was wearing a sailor outfit but was still very cute. They gave us beer and a snack and took us down the river. It was very nice. He also told us about the famous buildings that are along the river.

Oh and, later on after showering and relaxing, we went to a club. My first real techno club. I have never seen people dancing so strangely before in my life. It was a cool experience but I think I really like Hip Hop for dancing more than techno. Some of the people dancing had to be drugged out because they were doing some weird ass shit. No better way of explaining it than that. We took a break from dancing and sat down and randomly this guy falls on top of us. At first I thought he was just super drunk but it turns out he was attempting to hit on us. Thankfully, Julia is a blackbelt in Tai Kwon Do so I wasn't too concerned. We pushed him off but he kept trying to touch us. So eventually we escaped to the bathroom and he either forgot or passed out. Weird....

So that's a little update. More when I get to a computer next.

Good Luck to all those taking the MCATs on Saturday. I'll be sending out positive energy in your direction!!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

More Praha

I just read over my last entry and if I say "amazing" one more time someone slap me. I found an internet cafe with a real keyboard (as in American!!!!) and so now I can really type! Woohoo!

Today was great. I went solo around town. All the stuff written earlier was from the morning. It is now 830PM and I am just killing a little time before headnig back to the hotel to shower. The weather has been soooo tropical. Warm as hell, then sudden rainstorms, then hella windy. Weird.
I walked all over today. To all the tourist places :) I think tomorrow, after going to the castle, I will go out of the center of Praha and get a taste of how locals live. I sat for about half an hour next to the river watching the sun set over the castle. It was spectacular (and amazing :)!

Faraaz, to add to what you said, the women here are hot...but I think most of the ones I am encountering are tourists...and it seems that I am hearing lots of Italian. Although, I have seen some really good looking Czech women as well. As a disclaimer I am not a lesbian, Faraaz has just trained me well in knowing what is "hot" and what is not. The men here (or the tourist ones at least) aren't bad either. Some random hot guy said "bonjour" to me and I was all shy and said hi back all embarrassed. I would have talked to him further but we were the only 2 on the street and so since I was raised in a "fear based" society I was nervous to spend time with this guy alone. Although, he caught my eye before he said hi (meaning: he was hot). Oh and while on the subject, the tour guide this morning was HOT! Karel (Carl) ....

OK, I should get back to the hotel and shower. Perhaps I will head out to a bar/club tonight. Probably not though because I am exhausted (and Julia probably won't want to go and so I will not be able to go...waaaah).

Hey everyone. I am sitting at an internet cafe here in Prague and am having a lot of trouble with this fricken keyboard. It is all screwy so I apologize in advance for weird marks it may decide to make.

Anyway, this will be quick but here we go.

I spent the morning going around the Jewish sites here in prague. So beautiful and amazing. there is a Jewish cemetery that has something like 180,000 people buried in 12 layers. It is amazing. So many gravestones all cramped together. I saw all the major synagogues including the beautiful Spanish one. It has an organ in it which is strange since I have never seen a synagogue that had an organ in it.

Yesterday, Julia, Brian and I ate at this restaurant up on top of a hill where you could see all of Prague from. It was amazing. We sat there for two and a half hours taking in the view, eating, and drinking Pilzner beer. It was awesome. I took several pictures from up there so that everyone will know what I am talking about. Prague is spectacular. It really is as beautiful as everyone says it is. So much culture, and amazing architecture and detail. The Czech people themselves are rude but it is probably more because I am American that they are rude to me. Oh well.

OK I got to get going to do some shopping. I will post again as soon as I can. Two more days here and then it is off to Budapest.

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