Friday, September 26, 2003


At the Jewish New Year we don't really make resolutions to lose weight or read more. We usually say prayers and hope that the new year will be filled with good health, happiness, and PEACE. Each year we hope that the new year will bring peace to Israel.

This year is no exception. Even though peace looks far away, I will pray that it comes as fast as it can to Israel. This is seriously an amazing time of the year. The feelings that are stirred within are ineffable.

If you understand Hebrew, listen to this.

Plus, you get to eat Challah with Honey...mmmm...

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Let's talk Recall

I watched the debate last night. Here is what I concluded. First of all, Bustamante is a tool. After listening to him debate, I cannot stand him! I would much rather have Davis stay in office than have Bustamante as governor. Not only do I not agree with his way of thinking, but he was so rude and childish in the way he interacted with the other candidates. When the others would respond to something he'd say, he would just talk right over them with his annoying comments like "your wrong" or "whatever". He even went to the extreme of saying mocking things such as "Ok Arnold, whatever you say Arnold," and would roll his eyes! Disgusting! He wants to be governor? Is that how he will conduct debates with the officials up in Sacramento? Whenever someone says something he doesn't like he'll just roll his eyes at them?

Arnold didn't do that shabby. I was rather impressed at how he handled himself. But here's the kicker. I thought the one candidate that really did well was McClintok. If only he was pro-choice and supported gun control then he might have a chance to win this recall.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The Disgrace at Berkeley

I need a digital camera. I need one now. No one (unless they go to Berkeley...and even then would probably debate me...) will believe what anti-Israel propaganda I face daily unless I start taking pictures of it. Yes, in the name of being believed I must buy a digital camera. Or any camera. Just take pictures of the scary shit I see around my campus.

Last week I saw four white people wearing Kafias on their heads. You know, the head piece that Arafat wears. They were trying to look like him. They were also holding up signs saying things like: your tax dollars go towards the occupation of the Palestinian people at the rate of $10 million a day.

But let's take a step back. White people who have chosen Arafat as their awe-inspiring leader. That basically takes away from anything they put on a poster. I have no respect for anyone who looks up to or respects Yassir "the terrorist" Arafat. Anyone who agrees with the way he has gone about "liberating" his people is completely ignorant and I am ashamed that they go to a university that supposedly is for higher learning. I am not a history major, but I know the basics. Arafat=terrorist. No matter what you think about Sharon and his policies, you can't get around the fact that Arafat is a TERRORIST. Not only is he a terrorist, nobody knows for sure where he was really born. Was it Gaza? Or was it Cairo? Or maybe it was Beirut...Many theories but he'll never reveal it. My guess it wasn't even in Israel or the territories.

To all those who think Arafat is someone to admire: you need to check yourselves. And do me a favor, never ever visit Israel. You don't deserve to enjoy the beauty that it encompasses. From the blooming desert to the amazing beaches. Don't step foot in the Holy Land. Leave it for those who really understand and appreciate it for the miracle that it is.

Later on, after the High Holidays, I will begin postings about all the amazing contributions Israel has made to the world. Believe me, you will suddenly become a strong supporter when you realize how much the world needs that small, but ever so beautiful country.

Am Israel Hai

Read the article here that talks about the federal appeals court unanimously deciding to reinstate the Oct 7 recall.

I registered to vote but never got my voting location or packet...Could it be the liberalism in Berkeley is trying to keep me, a moderate, away from the polls? Tough luck for them. I'll make sure I get to vote.

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