Sunday, December 28, 2003

Rain in Israel

It rained today here in Jerusalem. We bitched about it but realized how important it is to get some rain in Israel. Today we went to a kibbutz in Rehovot which used to be where the Hagana (the Israel underground) used to make its bullets. Very fascinating place. I will write more about the place and why it was important later on. I just want to make sure I keep a log of everything I have been up to.
We also went to mini-Israel. As though Israel isn't small enough there is a place where they have made minature models of all the main "attractions" in Israel. I thought it was pretty cool (even though it rained on us and the whole model is outdoors).

I think the most important thing so far for me has been practicing my Hebrew with the people around. All the workers in the hotel are Arabs and so I have been talking to them trying to get their perspective on the situation and everything. They are all very nice and I have had some very interesting conversations. One of them tried to lie to me about his age. I caught him in a lie twice and so it's hard for me to trust his answers on all the other questions I asked him. *sigh* oh well. Another worker is really creepy. I talked to him for a while one evening and since then he stares at me every time he sees me...*shudder* Anyway, I see I have 2 minutes left so I should go.

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