Friday, February 06, 2004

Found 2 more Israelis in Berkeley!

How's this one for coincidence:

Yesterday, as I stood outside Blake's in Berkeley debating with a friend whether to go in or not, 2 guys come up to us and ask us to explain what the line outside the bar is for. I could tell instantly from their accents they were Israeli. So without answering their question I asked them their names. When the first told me his name was Yossi, any doubt that they may foreigners from another country was gone and I proceeded to speak with him in Hebrew. I was so excited to finally get to speak Hebrew that I didn't answer the guy's question or even bother telling him my name. I started rambling on in Hebrew about how cool it is that I finally can practice my Hebrew. They start to ask me why I know Hebrew and where I'm from and all that and I learned that they are post-army travellers.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

What a Day!

Yesterday was such a great day! First, I spent an hour sitting next to the only hot professor I've had here at Berkeley. We were sitting through a boring seminar and he commented on it through the hour (he remembered who I was even though I took the class over a year ago). My heart melted. Later, I had the pleasure of mingling with lots of Jews over free food. I am on a quest to finding the Israelis who go to Berkeley. I found one yesterday. He is post army and in the same department as I am. Only problem is, he isn't very open to speaking in Hebrew so I can't even practice! Hmmm... So now what? I guess I keep searching for more Israelis. I was told there are a lot at Berkeley so I keep looking. So far I can only find ones like me (which doesn't really count since we choose to speak English among eachother for convenience).

Anyway, back to finishing my homework that is due in half an hour....

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Year anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia

What a tragedy . I feel like there must have been something someone could have done to save the lives of those astronauts.

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