Saturday, February 21, 2004

The streets of Berkeley

Usually when someone randomly yells at me while I walk somewhere in Berkeley I dismiss it for some bum who is drugged out or something. But something new happened yesterday. Someone on a bike yelled "hey" to me. He then proceeded to ask me if I was from New York. I told him no so he proceeded to ask me where I am from originally. I was curious to see where he was going with his questions so I answered that I am originally from Israel. He smiled and said that he thought I was a Jew from New York so he was at least half right (I guess he assumed that I was Jewish). Anyway, he told me he's a Jew from Philly and that is why he is so outspoken and blamed his forwardness on it. It was the strangest conversation I have had in a while. He admitted he doesn't often yell to women on the street but he had a strong feeling I was Jewish and thus had to say hello.

I guess I look more Jewish than I thought. It makes me laugh thinking about it because what defines what a Jew looks like? I mean we all know the stereotypes, and while a lot of Jews do fit them to a T, I know many who obviously don't. My good friend has very light eyes and the cutest little button nose I've ever seen. Strange. But I guess my nose and my wavy brown hair leaves no doubt to my faith. I dunno...just kind of strange. Then you have to argue whether Judaism is a race or not because if you can classify a group of people with certain physical characteristics means that they share a common ethnicity....

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Red Cross can shut up

The Red Cross decided it needed to put in its two-anti-semitic-cents in to the discussion on the fence.

The article says, "In Geneva, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) declared that the barrier in its current form, winding well inside the West Bank and trapping thousands of Palestinians in enclaves, violated international humanitarian law."

I have never seen so many people get their panties all up in a bunch over a stinking fence. There are so many countries around the world that have had to resort to building fences and yet Israel is the only one where it seems to be such an international issue. The world can just back off and let Israel do what it needs to do. Start holding Israel to the same standards that you hold the rest of the nations in the world. I am sick of Israel being expected to be ten notches above everyone else.

Sunday, February 15, 2004


So I haven't been posting cuz I have not much to say. Savor this moment because it is a rare occurence that I am quiet. I cannot follow this ridiculous democratic campaign to determine who will get the democratic ticket for presidency. Nor do I want to hear conservatives come up with every inch of dirt on each of the possible candidates. It's just sickening. I have no interest in listening to that bullshit. So on my ride home for Berkeley I listened to consumer talk. It is kind of irrelevent to my current stage in life seeing as I will not be buying a home anytime soon (or a car for that matter), but it is much more interesting to listen to than the democan/republicrats crapola. I'm sure many agree with me. I find that listening to politics not only makes me angry but is a monstrous waste of time and energy. Hence I spend my time listening to health talk radio and Howard Stern. :)

This upcoming week is filled with exams so the minimal posting will continue most likely. That is, unless I am inspired. Which happens on occasion. Like if I meet yet another famous person. My list grows longer. But my list doesn't contain rockstars or movie stars. Mine has nobel prize winners and CEOs and famous doctors. Those are the things that excite me. I am a nerd what can I say.

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