Saturday, March 13, 2004

No Comment

I just can't. If I begin to investigate my feelings in regards to what happened in Spain I know I will be enraged. To all those who want to try and justify it listen very carefully to me: THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. NONE. Nothing anyone says will EVER justify the tragedy. I hate these terrorists. I hate everything they stand for. All they want is to destroy lives and families. What right do they have to do that? NONE! May they all burn in hell. I don't care what message they are trying to send, all this unjustified death sends me one clear message: get rid of the terrorists using any means necessary. Period. Kill them before they can kill anyone else. I don't care how that makes me sound. And as Dave at Israellycool puts it: Now ask yourselves some hard questions: Is the root cause Israeli occupation of PLO Arab land? Or is it a fundamentalist belief that Islam should be the dominant world religion?
Is this "resistance" against occupation? Or is it really a religiously-motivated war of civilizations? I know at least Al Qaeda knows the answer to this.

In other news I cannot handle what the FCC is trying to do to Howard Stern. I will post more about that later. Bush will lose my vote if Howard goes off the air.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sun continues

Goodness! It is still so warm and sunny. Like a fool I keep leaving my camera at home when I go outside. I walked through campus last night around 10pm and it was spectacular. The full moon behind the Campanile (the clock tower) with not a cloud in the sky. The sky was just beautiful. The lights of the bay were sparkling in the distance and for a moment I forgot that I had an exam the next day. I wanted to rush home to get my camera but then decided against it. I didn't even have to wear a sweater! It was warm enough to walk around in a T-shirt! It is now 9am and already warm! I think I might cut out of my last class today and go enjoy the beauty by a nice hike in the hills. Oh man is that going to be tempting! :) OK, well it's off to take an exam! I would be stressed except this weather agrees with me. Who knew that some sun and warmth could lift one's spirits so much!

Sunday, March 07, 2004


The sun is back out, brighter than ever! It feels like summer. Oh man it is gonna be tough to study today with the birds chirping outside and the warmth and light seeping in to tempt me. I'll definitely take a break at some point to go out there and run around but man oh man do I wish it were summer. Ooof!

Oh and don't me forget to wish everyone a Happy Purim! :) We already received 3 baskets of hamentashen, bread, cookies, and other delicious crap from our neighbors. My parents had fun walking around dropping off baskets as well. The weather is perfect today for doing this. I'm stuck here studying grrrr. Oh well.

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