Saturday, April 03, 2004

Berkeley's Finest

Do you watch American Idol? Did you see William Hung sing "She Bangs" and become an instant star? That clip circled around Berkeley for a little bit after it happened and we all got a good laugh out of it. Yep, that smooth, talented, and charming guy goes to Berkeley. And yep, I have seen him around. It's amazing how he became a star overnight from making an ass out of himself on national television. I almost feel sorry for him but then I realize he's probably happy. As if Berkeley didn't have enough freaks roaming around on Telegraph talking to themselves. We also have quite an interesting student body.

William Hung is to come out with an album this tuesday! Make sure to rush out and get it so you can continue listening to his cover of "She Bangs" as well as other Ricky Martin songs.

On April 8th 2003 a blog was born. Well, probably hundreds were born, but come on, like any proud mother, mine was really the only one that mattered. :) At any rate, I thought it would be nice to sort of reflect on the year that was blogged. You know, day to day life seems so mundane that I don't even realize how much cool shit happens to me. I have been lucky enough and blessed to have had some amazing experiences and meet some incredible people. On top of that, I love sharing things I learn with anyone willing to listen. Much in the same way I love hearing about other people's incredible experiences. Shit, that's what life is about, learning from eachother so that we can shed light on the darkness right? In the next few days I will post about this year's cool encounters. Sure there were some not-so-cool ones (ie: the protest that left me in tears) and those too are worth mentioning.

Side note:
I want to send a shout out to one of my bestest friends Laura! :) How you brighten my life you'll never know. You are seriously one of the specialest (is that a word?) people in this world and how unfortunate it is for those who don't know you. I can't even begin to try and explain it to my readers how special you are. I felt the need to say this because I miss you and not knowing when I will get to see you again leaves me with an uneasy feeling. I am cheering for you to get the job in the bay area. Come back here for the summer or else!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Protesting in Berkeley...I'm shocked!

I walked through campus today and was baffled when I saw a big sign saying "Palestinians get out of Palestine!" being held up by several pro-Palestinian members of the student body. Some of them had the famous Kafia (like the one Arafat wears) draped around their necks. They were handing out flyers, and I wanted to get one, but something told me I wouldn't want to read it and it would only frustrate me to no end.

So I'm not exactly sure what they were protesting. Truth is, I have shied away from the news lately. I did see a headline on Yahoo news that stated Israeli troups went into the Rafah Refugee camp. Perhaps that's what they were protesting. Who really cares? These people make me sick. Bleh. I recognized one of the guys holding up a sign as the same guy from a protest last semester that had left me in tears. At that protest, he was screaming and yelling about how the Jews are racist and Israel is an apartheid state and basically accusing us of pretty much everything under the sun. Well, excuse the crudeness but this individual can kiss my ass.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Diverse Friends

Yesterday was the 21st birthday of a good friend of mine. To celebrate, her closest friends (several which are also close friends of mine) were invited to her place to enjoy homemade lasagna (cooked by her boyfriend) and lots of wine. At some point politics was brought up. I got so nervous. I looked around the room. Here was the breakdown:

2 Persians, both born in the US to parents who immigrated from Iran in the late 70's or early 80's.

2 French girls who grew up mostly in France but have been living in the US for several years.

1 Serbian guy, born in Serbia but raised in the US.

2 Swiss guys but wait: 1 is half Swiss half Croatian and the other half Swiss half Saudi. Both were raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

And finally, there was me, born in Israel, but raised in the US.

Now, can you imagine for just a moment, how heated the political debate got? Goodness. I didn't even bother trying to put in a word. Or perhaps I tried but gave up shortly thereafter when I realized no one listens to anyone else anyway. But there are few places in the world that such a diverse group can sit around drinking and eating, consider eachother friends and talk (or talk loudly) about politics with one another. It really is one of the reasons I love America so much. Regardless of how much you hate the foreign policies of this country (which most of them do), you gotta love that we can be friends and learn from eachothers cultures. I love it.

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