Friday, May 28, 2004


I dunno how else to put it. We arrived this afternoon at around 4pm. The weather is warm and sunny, just like I suspected it would be. We arrived to the apartment and I passed out for 1/2 an hour. When I awoke I heard loud, live music coming from the beach. I was so excited I got up, put on a bathing suit and went down to the beach. I watched people dancing to salsa music and enjoying the wonderful friday afternoon. People were playing Matkot (Smashball?) and little children were chasing dogs. I sat for an hour on a beach chair and watched all the people walk by. I feel like I am in love.

Speaking of love, there were guys wearing very small bathing suits. You know Speedo style and boxer brief looking bathing suits. As an American, I find that very strange. I mean, I know it's completely acceptable here, but it would not fly in the US. Well, at least not in California. Yep..Definitely would not fly. That's too exposed for a guy. Girls can prance around almost naked but guys in the US wear baggy ass bathing suits. I like that the guys here are also almost naked. Equality :) hehe.

Anyway, I am exhausted. I am about 3 minutes from passing out. I will be back sporadically to update on things I see and do.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


That's it from the Bay Area. Next you hear from me I will be in Israel!

Monday, May 24, 2004


I have been running around like a crazy person trying to get things organized, cleaned up, and ready to go. I leave at the end of the week and on top of still having to buy tons of crap (clothes, toiletries, etc) I just moved all my junk out of my apartment so that the sublettor would have room for her junk. Now I have piles of shit in my room that my dad has thankfully not mentioned. I know it's killing him because my room looks terrible. I have to get it all sorted out before I go otherwise it will drive him nuts. Then on top of that, I am trying to see friends before I go. So it's been relaxing and tiring few days. I saw Shrek 2 yesterday. SO GOOD! I highly recommend it. It's not a children's flick. It had tons of adult jokes in it. Really well done.

OK, I will probably post once more from this side of the world. And then, for a month, I will be coming to you from the HOMELAND!!! YAY! :) :) :) :) heehee

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