Thursday, June 10, 2004

Shotey Hanevuah!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Remember the other day I said something incredible might happen to me thursday night? Well here it is:

I just got back from their concert at the TLV club. It was in one word: amazing. In two words incredibly amazing... Before I left for Israel I had one thought in the back of my mind: I really hope that I can manage to somehow see Shotey Hanevuah (which means "fools of prophecy") while I am here. I have fallen in love with them and even more so after seeing them perform tonite.

How do I describe their music? It's quite difficult. It's sort of reggae and spiritual. I say spiritual because they are truly hippies. One of the guys was wearing a skirt!! And another was wearing some kind of a headress thing. Funny enough, the one in the skirt looked frightenly similar to a guy I used to date. On top of that, he was the most incredible of them all. I now know which of them is the one that really gives me shivers when I listen to their music.

Take a look at the pictures . And yes, I was in the front row. I made eye contact with several of them as I sang at the top of my lungs to all my favorite songs. They played all the songs I wanted to hear except 2 and of course tons of new songs which were pretty good as well.
I am truly content right now. The feeling is ineffable!

UPDATE: There are a few more pictures added to the general folder here. There aren't many of me since I am usually the one behind the camera. I will try to get more....

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A few pics

OK so I know I should spend more time on posting pics but I don't really have much time right now. However, there are 6 posted here and that's a good start. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Monday, June 07, 2004

The "Mishpacha"

Yesterday, we went to a family party in Haifa. My cousin just had her fourth child (baby girl named Noa) and invited us to celebrate with her and her family. Her oldest child Tamir is almost at Bar-Mitzvah age which makes me feel olddddd since I remember when he was just born. I got to see lots of relatives which was awesome but didn't get to see my other cousin's new baby...so we will have to make another trip there to see them.

Today was a lazy day. I didn't do anything too exciting. I walked down Sheinkin street looking for new clothes and new shoes and have some ideas as to what I will buy! I also walked by the funniest thing. There was a van parked sort of in the middle of the street with speakers set up all around it and loud music blasting in all directions. There were two religious guys jumping up and down around it rocking out as well as about 5 other guys jumping on top of it and singing with microphones. They were repeating over and over that religious thing on bumperstickers and graffiti all over this country: Nah Nach Nacham.... It was absolutely hilarious.

I promise the next post will be more interesting. Something really cool might be happening to me thursday night. If it does, you will DEFINITELY hear about it...but I don't want to mention it beforehand incase it doesn't work out.

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