Saturday, June 19, 2004


Yesterday was an overall very good day. I woke up, went with a friend to Sheinkin, had coffee, chitchatted, came home, went to the beach, went to the pool, hung out with my uncle, walked along the boardwalk...and then..... A good friend of mine came over w/ his motorcycle. "When's the last time you've been to Yaffo?" Truthfully, I hadn't really been since I got here this time. He gave me his jacket and a helmet and off we were. Amazing. I haven't been on a motorcycle since I was about 10 and my uncle took me on his around the block. I have to admit they are scary, but the feeling is unbelievable. The evenings in Israel are warm but the breeze as you ride feels good. He knew I was nervous to ride the motorcycle so he didn't do anything dangerous at all. He accelerated a few times just so that I could feel the thrill, but everything was controlled. We got to the old city of Jaffa (Yaffo) and walked around. Found a spot to sit and talk. Down below there were a bunch of Israeli Arabs firing up a Hooka and blasting music from their car. It was fun to watch. The view from where we sat showed the Tel Aviv coastline, at night. Spectacular.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Shopping for men's clothing...in Israel

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to go with him to buy some clothes. This guy just made Aliyah and it was his first adventure in buying clothing in Israel. We went to several stores: Fox Men, Kenveloh, Diesel, and finally Castro. Now, here's the problem: most of the men in Israel dress by American standards very gay. This is not meant to insult anyone, it's just a difference in culture. Men here wear tight jeans often bellbottom styled, they wear tank tops (also often tight), and they gel their hair in interesting ways. Well, that is, unless they are growing out their hair. I'd say 2 out 5 guys has long hair here. Most seem to grow it out because it's curly or because they want to put it into dreads.

So back to the adventure: we start to look through the pants. I started to think that maybe I would try some of them on. They were really nice, and in the US, no one would guess they were men's pants. My friend decided bootcut (bellbottomish) were not for him after he tried on a few pairs and I couldn't keep a straight face. And then came the shirts. I told him to try and stay away from the tank tops. Israelis can pull it off because they are used to it, but he's still more American than Israeli. He found a black polyester T-shirt that was so tight. One of the workers there came by a few minutes later just to let him know how good that shirt had looked on him (and here we thought it was rather silly on him).

I got into a conversation with the worker. He noticed we were speaking in English and started asking where were from and what we were doing in Israel and all that. After I answered his questions I tried explaining to him the difficulty we were having with the clothes because if he were to ever go back to California he could NEVER EVER dare wear most of that stuff in San Francisco or he would be approached by many guys. The guy found it amusing which is good.

On a personal note, I kind of like the fashions. I don't like how in the US guys wear their pants under their butts. They all walk around in pants that are way tooo big for them and it's ugly. Here you get to look at guys' asses finally bringing equality to this one issue!

Monday, June 14, 2004

The little cousins

My guess is my family will find this much more interesting than anyone else but I've got to talk about it. Yesterday, my mom had to be in Haifa for a function and I told her, if we were already making the trip, I had to see my cousin Tali and her 2 sons Idan and Omer. I hadn't met Omer yet and I was really dying to see him. He's adorable. He smiles when you give him a kiss! It's adorable. Actually he smiles at any positive stimulation. If you rub his foot, or make silly baby noises at him. Just adorable.

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