Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Back in CALI

I made it back safely. The entire time I was in Israel, there was not one suicide bombing. However, people were still killed by terrorists. Please read this post from Israellycool. It puts it so well exactly what vicious animals we are dealing with.

Also, I can't really discuss how I feel inside about being home so I will just post some beautiful lyrics to a Hebrew song:

So if you get tired from the daily routine
Go out into nature without a watch
Look at the blooming flower
The quiet pours and there is a key

Remember reality
The truth without a mistake
So if it fits for us to dream
It's in the air all day long

Monday, June 28, 2004

Yesterday was a very good day

If you only read one part of this entry, scroll down to the highlight :)

Yesterday was such a good day. In the morning I went to a music store to buy some more Israeli CDs. This was the second time since I got to Israel I've done this. The first time I bought the following CDs:

Shotey Nevuah's 2nd album
Idan Reichel's Project
HaDag Nachash's new album
Subliminal's newer album

I went back to buy some more and stood there for like 20 minutes just staring at all the Israeli CDs. One of the workers must have thought I was stupid or something because I stared at each CD for like 5 minutes as I tried to decode the Hebrew. I can read Hebrew but at the speed of a third grader (at best). Finally, he came up to me and asked me if I needed some help. So I asked him if he could give me his opinion on some good Israeli music for me to take back to the US. I showed him the few that I was holding in my hand. He was the most unhelpful guy ever. He told me that all the CDs I picked were amazing. Great. That narrowed it down. He wasn't trying to get me to buy anything was he? I left w/ 4 more CDs and still feel like I might have to go back today to buy a few more. I bought

Shlomi Shabbat's "love" cd
A Machina cd
Israeli dance project cd
And one more that escapes me at the moment

My uncle keeps asking me why I don't just buy the CDs at the Market. They are cheap there cuz they burn them (illegally of course). I told him that I wouldn't have a problem buying American albums there, but that I'd feel terrible buying Israeli music there. How many albums can an Israeli artist sell? There are like 10 million Israelis world wide (at best). Obviously not all of them are interested in the same music so really, it's a tiny ass market. My uncle still didn't understand my problem.

OK so after that, my friend Alon came over. He was on his way home from the army. He's a friend from my childhood. My parents know his from back in the army and college so I've known him all my life. He's such a cool guy. We hung out and caught up since the last time I saw him.

And then, the highlight of my day:

I had the honor of meeting and talking with the Israeli Guy, Gil :). I'll agree with Rinat who admitted after meeting him that as cool as his blog is (I say "is" in hopes he will return to blogging very soon), he's even cooler in person. :)

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