Saturday, July 24, 2004

"Mordechai Vanunu: Peace Hero and Nuclear Whistleblower"

That's what the posters of his supporters say. How do I know this? Because all around the Berkeley campus you can find flyers up right now "cordially" inviting people to dinner and program honoring Mordechai Vanunu's release. I couldn't believe these flyers were posted, but then I remembered I was in Berkeley. I tore down the flyer and the other few that were near it. This function is being held by the Bay Area Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu and BFUU social Justice Committee. Who the hell knew that the Bay Area had a campaign to help this criminal. If you'd like to send this criminal email, apparently he receives email at the following address: vanunumvjc@hotmail.com. Feel free to write him to tell him what you think of his sorry ass who should still be in prison for his crimes. What a bastard.

On a more positive note, I was glancing through the Berkeley free newspaper The Berkeley Daily Planet (I usually grab one on the way to class so incase I get bored I can attempt the crossword puzzle) and was shocked to see what appeared at first an anti-Israel editorial but at a closer look was the most pro-Israel piece of writing I had ever seen in Berkeley. Unfortunately I don't have the editorial with me at the moment but basically it had a map of the middle east comparing the size of Israel to the Arab world and then sarcastically under it said something along the lines, "End Jewish occupation of Arab land". Something I had seen before but was shocked they would actually print in Berkeley. I will find it and follow up this post with what it really said.

On that note, I am off to doing 3 weeks of reading in 2 days. See you after my exam!

Monday, July 19, 2004

"Lodz Ghetto inhabitants database online"
Thank you Smooth Stone for posting the website where the listing of all the inhabitants of the Lodz ghetto can be found.   I found all my family members that lived there listed. Including my grandfather who is still alive. I confirmed it was him because they also have the date of birth next to his name. I am so emotional over the whole thing! I told my mom right away and she too got very emotional.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

OY, more on Berzerkeley!!
I should be studying, but I had a rather unpleasant happening yesterday. But first there was something exciting and that is I met yet another Israeli in Berkeley. He just arrived 5 days ago from Israel and found his way to the Berkeley Chabad for Shabbat. My friend invited him over for Shabbat Lunch and afterwards I offered to show him around Telegraph (Berkeley's famous street because it harbors all the freaks, has a like a permanent flea/craft market thing, and has interesting stores). He had asked me about the anti-semitism in Berkeley and I unfortunately had plenty to share with him (as you already know if you have ever read my blog before).
For whatever reason, I insisted on showing him physical evidence of the anti-semitism so first I showed him the guy who sells bumperstickers and proudly displays a huge Palestinian flag by his table. Among his bumper stickers (which said things like "Stop US aid to Israel") there was a pin you could wear saying, "We are all Palestinians". Does anyone know what that means? I laughed because it seems rather ridiculous. After that, I took him to a smoke shop I know is owned by Palestinians. I wanted to show him that they too are extremely vocal about their views first by posting flyers in their window to stop US aid to Israel and to stop the Israeli Occupation.

But then I saw something that really ignited the anger inside of me. I haven't been so emotional in a long time.  We walked in so that he could take a look at the hookas and other products (and listen to the rather cool Arabic music playing) and I was greeted with a guy wearing a shirt that said "Free Palestine". A guy that I have known for a long time, who was an aquaintance of mine, who I had talked to many times about the situation, who I thought understood better what was going on. I didn't know what to do so in my attempt to not react, I rolled my eyes and told him sarcastically, "nice shirt". But nothing prepared me for what I saw next. One of the guys that worked there was wearing a necklace with the Palestinian flag on it. Which is fine, but later I realized that the flag was in the shape of ALL OF ISRAEL. Explain that one to me? So now I know their true purpose when they say "Free Palestine" and it's: get rid of Israel. I left so upset, and felt terrible that the Israeli had to see that in the first few days of being in the US.

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