Friday, August 20, 2004

Shabbat Shalom

I wish everyone a very good and peaceful Shabbat.

Monday, August 16, 2004

I've calmed down

I am doing much better although still not great. To all my friends who have called not knowing even what was going on: I am sorry that I haven't returned phonecalls. I just cannot speak to anyone right now that isn't directly involved in what is happening. Once everything gets resolved I will be in touch I promise :). I look forward to hopefully sharing only good news please G-d.

As for my school work...I have to finish it. Does anyone realize how hard that is when your mind is on something entirely different? I have trouble cranking out papers even when nothing else is going in my life. Add to that it's a paper about Homosexuality in Greek Myth and I care not about the subject matter. To top it off, I still have to take the final and who knows when I will do that and when I will study for it. Oy! :) So I am making a vow to have a rufffff draft of the paper by the time I go to bed tonite (I've said that every night this week...but I mean it this time).

A MAJOR shout out to Laura (aka: Lawa) for being the most wonderful human being I know. How did an angel get out of heaven? Did I just hit on you with that pick up line? Perhaps I should rephrase to sound sleazier: did it hurt when you fell from heaven? I love you sweety and you are the best. If not for you, I am not sure I would've been ok through everything. You are something so special it's unbelievable. If I were a guy I would be on you like peanutbutter on graham crackers! I would never let you get away and if you tried, I would kidnap you. OK, now I'm just getting kind of creepy. I'm just trying to express (in my bizarre way) that you are amazing and there is much more that I have to say to you and will do so privately (during a candlelit dinner...jk).

To everyone else, I wish you knew Laura. You would love her the way I do.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Man plans his life and G-d laughs

That is the motto for the last week of my life. Every morning when you wake up you have no idea what the day ahead will bring for you. You might think you do, but really...no clue. This became blatantly clear to me this week when my worries went from school to a friend in trouble. I obviously can't go into details as to what happened but I can safely say that my school troubles were in the far back of my mind in light of the new problems. So that no one worries, I am fine, and so are the people involved (no illness thank G-d) but just a lot of stress and worries. I tried desperately to help this friend out and have never in my life felt so helpless and powerless. It is so frustrating you have no idea.

But, thank G-d that everyone is healthy because that's the most important thing. I am sorry that I disappeared for so long. It may be a bit longer before I resume normal blogging.

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