Saturday, August 28, 2004

America....Land of the Free....

I never in my life thought I would laugh at the above statement. I still think the US is still one of the best places on earth to live, but I am no longer disillusioned by the motto "land of the free." Because let's be honest, it isn't. I did not tell you why I haven't been blogging much the last few weeks but I will say it has a lot to do with that above statement. Many of my friends still are wondering where the hell I went to since I haven't been returning phonecalls. I'm not in the mood to explain to everyone and their mother what I've been going through and quite frankly, I am afraid to speak about it. But for the most part it is over, so let's move on...let's look forward, because looking back only frightens me.

I was thrilled to hear that Israel got a Gold Medal in the Olympic games. I am so proud and thrilled and excited!!! Congratulations to Gal Fridman for bringing home Israel's first Gold Medal! What an accomplishment. :)

Other than that, I have been searching for a dress for my brother's wedding. I have had very little luck since no one seems to sell dresses and I hate trying them on. Oooof....I hate how difficult I can be. My mother will come back from her trip to find I still haven't found a dress and then to add to my misery, will make me go with her to look for one! Then I really will have fun looking for a dress. :) But I can't tell you how excited I am for the wedding!! Aside from the fact that my brother is marrying an amazing girl, I get to go on 2 trips to be a part of the weddings. First to San Diego for the civil one, and then, to Israel for the religious one! I'm so excited for both I can't even tell you.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Women, beware of Hormonal Contraceptives

They do NOT protect against STDs. I think that is quite obvious. However, I just opened up Yahoo and one of the headlines was Contraceptive is linked to high STD risk . Now I find this especially interesting because I took a class on endocrinology a while back. In it, my professor had told us that Depo Provera (which is the injections of an analog of Progesterone) does cause, as a side effect, extra dryness in the vagina of the woman. Now, I apologize if I am disgusting anyone but because I am a scientist (or at least pretend to be one) none of this grosses me out but rather is very critical to discuss.

A drier vagina leads to more chances for tearing during sex which leads to bleeding and more probability of fluid exchange. Why is this important? Well, first, it helps explain the higher rates of STD infections in women using this form of birth control. The other reason is, some politicians have decided that this birth control is the best way to control population growth in Africa. Did you hear what I said? Population control in AFRICA. A birthcontrol that potentially causes more bleeding in a continent that is in the middle of an AIDS epidemic.

Just some stuff to think about....

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