Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A picture

I have been trying the last few days to post a picture here of me. I took a few a week ago and thought I'd post them so that you all could see recent shots of me (cuz I know you're dying to see me! jk). But, because I am in no way computer savvy, I haven't been able to figure out how to do it :(. The University offers free webspace and I uploaded the pics there I just don't know how to publish them to the internet. Oy. So as soon as I can figure out how to do that, I'll post them.

Other than that, the school year started. It has been ok so far. I'm not in the mood to be here especially with soooo many people. During the summer there was maybe 1/3 the amount of people. Now I'm running into people, literally! All these freshmen all excited to be in college and me desperately wishing I was done and the f*** out of the hell hole. OK, I'm being a tad dramatic. I do wish though I was done with school. I know everyone says that I'll regret feeling that way when I finally do graduate but I don't see that being the case. We shall see when the time comes. Anyway, I promise there will be some more interesting posts soon. I am guessing that Berkeley will offer a lot to talk about fairly soon. One thing I did notice is that there is a new Palestinian table on campus. One of the guys wears a rather nice polo looking shirt in the shape of the Palestinian flag. Whatever. I just roll my eyes as I pass their table. They aren't even worth a second thought.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Will I Vote?

The time is getting closer. Electing the "most powerful man in the world." And I have the same feeling I had four years ago: the choices suck. What a different world it is this time around. Four years ago I had just barely started Berkeley and was still a full-fledged democrat. The economy was still pretty good and the future looked bright. It was the first time I could vote in an election having turned 18 that year. I took my duty very seriously and continue to do so. I have voted in every election since then including the very famous "recall" where Arnold was elected governer of California. And if you want to know, I did vote for him. Again, out of the choices he was by far the best candidate. Did you want me voting for the Lieutenant Governor who was campaigning around by saying "Recall NO, Bustamante Si!" Where are we Mexico? That pissed me off to no extent. Si? That alone revealed to me his plans if he were to be elected Governor of California.

But how can I vote this time around? I just went through an experience that showed me the true reality of the Bush Administration. It ain't pretty. On top of that, most of what he stands for I don't. I am pro-choice and for stem cell research. What I always find funny is how the issues of a party's platform if thought about for more than 2 seconds aren't even issues. Why is stem cell research even an issue?? Why is a woman's right to choose anyone's issue besides the woman who has to make the choice? It frustrates me to all hell. Infact, all social matters that a party stands for piss me off whether its democrat or republican. As far as gay marriage goes, I think this country is screwed up anyway in terms of "families" and so what difference does it make anyway? If a child grows up in a loving home, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents, it will have a much better chance at coming out "normal" than a lot of people in this country who were neglected by selfish parents who got divorced, remarried, divorced, remarried, had other children, divorced, remarried...etc.

So it comes down to what I want fiscally from my president. Of course lower taxes. But I personally don't make enough money for that to matter anyway. In addition, I am bouncing the hell out of this country the second my degree comes in the mail. So really why should I even vote? At this point, I can't vote for Bush, but I am scared shitless of Kerry too.

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