Thursday, November 04, 2004

People were crying!

I picked up the girls I babysit for today. The older one is 16 and she is very involved in political activities. She is very much a hardcore Democrat. I sat with her and her friends during one of the Kerry/Bush debates and they just trashed Bush on everything he said. Not even listening to him. Although it is refreshing to see young people so involved in the political scene. Before the election she went around reminding people to vote and did all kinds of pro-Kerry stuff. I talked to her today to see how she was doing and how she felt about the whole "ordeal". She told me that she was a total wreck yesterday during school. She had cried through two of her classes and was angry all day. She told me she wore black in mourning for her loss. And then told me that she feels better today. *sigh* It's not the end of the world people. I promise. Well, actually, I'm not G-d so I can't guarantee it's not the end but my guess is that it won't be.
I've already expressed that I am pleased that Bush won. I have no shame in saying I voted for him. I am amazed at the turn around I've made in the last 4 years. I am not a Republican but four years ago my thinking was much closer to that girl I babysit. I was a registered Democrat then, and now registered as an Independent. I very much am liberal when it comes to social issues such as: abortion, environment, etc. But when it comes to foreign policy, I got to go with the guy who will really get things done. Negotiating, diplomacy, talking to the UN will NOT and I repeat will NOT solve terrorism and I know that Kerry would have tried to go that route. And Hussein, while maybe there were no weapons, I guarantee you getting rid of him was a good thing. And setting up a strong American presence in the region is also a good thing for us. This is my opinion anyway.
So Americans, let's cheer up! We still live in one of the best countries in the world. We have so much to be thankful for!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yep I did indeedy. And I have to say that I know I will get my head bitten off but I am pretty much happy with the way the election turned out. I didn't stay up all night watching how it unfolded. I was getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over. I kind of figured it could take a while so I went to bed early and said "screw it" I'll find out when I awake if there was any developments. And like I said, I am pleased. But let me just say that I didn't care all that much. For whatever reason I was rather apathetic to the whole ordeal. But no matter how apathetic I am to the race, I always vote! It's important to make that statement even if you don't like the choices. Even if you think you know your choice wouldn't win.

I know all of Berkeley is devastated. Everyone was talking about it. Whining and bitching about how upset they were and all I could do was nod and say, "bummer". Oh well, they'll get over it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

I will be voting later on today. I have to read a bit more about some of the measures and I have made my decision for which candidate for president I will vote for. I won't reveal it now but let's just say in the state of California it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I have a whole shitload of other things besides this election to worry about today, so I am off to begin the endless tasks. In addition, this beautiful weather is probably going to end soon so I have to take advantage of how wonderfully sunny it is before the sun once again dissapears and it begins to rain.

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