Saturday, December 04, 2004

Exciting News!!

So, a few days ago I said something was in the works over here. I just finished making the arrangements and so now that it's finished I can tell you all about it.

B''H I am graduating in a few weeks. I am counting down the days and finals till that wonderful day of freedom. I thought a lot about what I want to do afterwards. For a while I was confused, uncertain and worried. Should I get a job? Should I go directly back to school for a masters? What the hell am I going to do?! Was what I kept thinking to myself. Then I decided, that's it. I have to make Aliyah. There is no better time in my life to see what it's like to live in Israel than right now when nothing is tying me down to the US.

So I began the Aliyah process. That is still in the works (you know, buracreaucy stuff). I want to get there in time for my first Passover in Israel. So that would be arriving in April.

The next question became: what the hell do I do till April? I mean sure, I could just sit around at home relaxing, enjoying freedom. But I also would feel like a major bum. I thought to get a part time job to save money. But that too wasn't appealing to me. So I decided that I should go traveling.

Without further ado: I have just purchased a roundtrip ticket to New Zealand for 2 months (Jan-March)!! I have little idea as to what I will do when I get there. I have started reading up on it in the 2 travel books I bought and I grin from ear to ear reading about what amazing things I will get to see. All the hiking and nature. I can't wait! Anyway, I wanted to share the news with you guys!

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Remember those exams I had? I was all stressed out and disappeared for a week. Well I finally got them back! And they went MUCH better than I had anticipated. One mattered more than the other and I did extremely well on it! I am so relieved I can't even describe. I called my brother, my mother, and Laura to let them know the good news (since they all had to listen to me freak out during the ordeal).

I am inching my way towards graduation. Please G-d let the next 2.5 weeks go well...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Sorry I haven't written in a while. Things just always seem to come up and then I have to take off to help save the world! Just kidding (obviously). I will still post my Thankful list soon.

I am in the final stretch with school so I am a bit more nervous these days. That's also partly why I haven't been around.

And once things are finalized I have some exciting news to share. So come back in a few days to see what it is!

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