Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!

This evening, Laura and her family were gracious enough to allow me to join them for Christmas Eve services. I have been curious for many years what a Church service looks like. I wanted to go with someone I trusted and knew well who could guide me through what was happening so I would understand the meaning behind each custom. I have to say, it was really fascinating for me. If you can believe it, it is completely different than Orthodox Jewish services (duh). First of all, they had an organ, that filled the room with wonderful harmony. They sang songs and said prayers. I was trying to see if the words of the prayers were close to anything I know from Synagogue. Most of it was not. There was one song that they said holy holy holy which is like what we say. A few others of G-d being eternal and all that.

One thing that still confuses me is that they stated that they believe in only one G-d and yet, then G-d has a son, and the Holy Spirit. I know it's the idea of the divine trinity, but my mind can't grasp the idea of one split into three.

It was really interesting. What is also fascinating about Laura's church is how accepting they are of all people. One of the ministers is a Lesbian and as you walk in there is even a sign that clearly states that all people are welcome at this church. Part of the service which I thought was lovely is that you turn to your neighbors and hug or shake hands and wish them peace. How lovely!

I did not participate in the singing or saying of the prayers. I realize that as a Jew, I wasn't even suppose to be there let alone say any of the prayers. I did not kneel and receive "the flesh of Christ, the bread of Heaven" (I think that's what they said as they gave each person the bread). But I was extremely fascinated by the whole service and how it was conducted.

Laura asked me if it was what I had expected. I had no idea what to expect! Seriously, no idea. It was really educational for me.

With that little story about my evening, I wish all that celebrate it, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! May the holidays be a joyful and peaceful time for you and your family.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Looks good!

I got my grades in from the last semester. I had to pass my classes to ensure that I would graduate. I have never failed a class during my time at Berkeley but I was still nervous for some reason. All the grades are in and they look good! Phew!!! That means I am pretty much cleared to receive the diploma (which will be signed by the Governator :).

In other news, I have been a bit sick lately. Running errands, reading up on New Zealand and all that good stuff. I can't wait to go. I leave in two weeks! Eek! So much to do before then. Oh goodness. Still very excited!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Are you kidding me? I can't be more excited. It is only my favorite musical ever. I saw it first when I was 15 and became obsessed with the music and everything Phantom related. When I was 20 I saw it again in New York City and fell in love again. And now it will be a movie?! I will definitely be seeing it in the theater and then if it is as good as it looks, I will certainly buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Oh I can't wait!! :) I am listening to the music right now to get pumped up for it.

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